TQG - Lottery Solutions GmbH

The Quality Group  Lottery Solutions GmbH (TQG-LS) provides innovative and highly efficient IT solutions for the global lottery industry.
TQG-LS has evolved out of classic Internet Solutions for authorized lottery operators. With the TQG-LotterySuite TQG-LS presents itself as a technology provider of holistic, end-to-end lottery systems. TQG-LS is a strategic partner, supporting lotteries and helping them achieve their business goals.  

Innovative and open

TQG-LS develops highly flexible standard software, which allows for individual, efficient and at the same time economic customization. The idea is to reduce costs, time-to-market, the time and effort required for extensions, while simultaneously improving quality and functionality.

As one of the basic principles, TQG-LS provides open systems and standardized interfaces. We support the integration of other systems into ours, as well as the integration of TQG-LTS into other platforms. The TQG-LS terminal software supports terminal hardware from a very wide range of providers. Customers benefit from our "best of breed" approach. The TQG-LotterySuite is a modern and safe, high-performance platform. It is ready for ISO 27001 certification and fulfills the WLA Security Control Standard.

TQG-LS allows customers to adapt to new market requirements quickly and easily. The TQG-LotterySuite can be used on a modular basis, allowing existing systems to be adopted. Even existing terminals can be still be used. There is no need for costly investments!    

Quality "Made in Germany"

We are a technology company.

Our professionals use the latest tools and methods for development and quality assurance. The worldwide demand for first-class products that are “Made in Germany” defines the way we operate. We aim to achieve the greatest possible efficiency and efficiency when conceiving, developing and operating our solutions. This gives us a head start. It is one of our basic principles not to offshore resources. Our technology teams remain experienced and well-informed about the cutting edge, whilst also having an outstanding comprehension of our customers’ business needs.

We are here for the long term.