The TQG-eGS (eGamingSuite) is an independent Internet e-commerce platform for the distribution of gaming products, sports betting and other gaming products. The TQG-eGS is part of TQG LotterySuite and uses the same components as those required by a classic lottery central system. The system is tailored to the needs of lotteries and games commercial intermediaries and is already used successfully in both areas. With interfaces to IGT/GTECH, Intralot and SGI systems, it communicates with the most widespread providers of lottery central systems. The TQG-eGS supports games in Germany, such as LOTTO 6aus49, with 16 participating lotteries, as well as Europe-wide games such as EUROJACKPOT. It is even possible to combine TQG-eGS sales across national borders.

The iLottery product is well suited for social and class lotteries.

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Single Player View

The TQG Player Management module is at the heart of each game management system.

With Responsible Gaming in mind, there are particular methods of how a player can be identified and managed. TQG Player Management provides a system-wide platform that accompanies each customer across all distribution channels. By including more gaming platforms, such as sports betting, online casinos or online games, TQG Player Management can optionally be used as a modular system for Single Player Sign-in and Single Player View.

The system includes all necessary functions, such as player registration, player identification, age verification, credit management, payments and limits, newsletters, campaign management, reporting and accounting. The system has multi-client and multi-lingual capabilities. The customer access takes place through a Responsive Design and can therefore be used by any device. Secure interfaces to external service providers, such as payment providers, Schufa or newsletter providers, are included. Likewise, special systems, such eTracker, campaign managers and social network integrators, can be directly integrated.



Any Terminal

By using our thin client architecture in the development of the terminal software, we are platform independent and can, if the technical conditions are met, equip every terminal with our software. This provides investment protection for the lotteries and, at the same time, complete freedom in the choice of terminal hardware.

Modern Interface

The clearly structured interface supports the sales process, offering the best possible usability, both on larger terminal displays, as well on tablet PCs.

  • Thin client architecture
  • User interface in HTML5
  • Clearly structured user Interface.


The TQG LotterySuite is an end-to-end lottery management system that meets all requirements for safe and efficient game operation. In addition to its high-performance transaction engine, central functions for controlling games and customers are provided. It is suitable for all kinds of distribution channels. 

The TQG LotterySuite is a modular, flexible and fully scalable platform. It is based on the modern principles of the development of standard solutions. This guarantees very fast project implementation. The system offers all functions relevant to a lottery management system. Customised adaptations can be easily integrated.

The TQG LotterySuite is hardware independent and supports a wide range of terminal hardware. Standard interfaces support the use of back-office applications from third parties.

The core of the structure is the high-performance and secure transaction engine that works in conjunction with the configurable games management system. The comprehensive player management options enable an holistic view of players on every channel. Taking Responsible Gaming standards fully into consideration, the platform provides excellent opportunities to ensure the duty of care to the player is observed.

The player management system can be complemented by optional modules, such as subscription management, player card management and a module for syndicates, which can also be managed offline. A system to handle the connection to the outlets network, the TQG-RMS (Retail Management System), is also available. This is based on a thin-client architecture and includes the Retail Manager, the Terminal Manager and Terminal Content Manager.

Integration Layer

The TQG Integration Layer is an interface module for exchanging data with internal and external systems, via documented, specialised interface APIs.

Common standard protocols, such as SOAP, REST and JSON, and security mechanisms are supported. 

The interfaces are all available in multiple versions, in order to ensure a permanent, maximum level of integration with third-party interfaces.

Organisational and Process Analysis

For many years now, The Quality Group has had a proven method, called OPH - the "Organisational and Process Handbook" - that consists of organisational analysis, the structuring of processes, as well as documented potential detection and appropriate implementation proposals, that can be successfully applied for many global companies.

The Organisational and Process Handbook (OPH) is a consulting and process method for the analysis and description of administrative organisational processes and individual regulations. It is a set of guidelines based on the many years of experience gained by TQG experts in demonstrating potential and possible improvements within an organisation.

The objective of the OPH is to help make business success sustainable and to initiate strategic directions in organisational processes.