eGS iLottery Campaign Management

TQG-LTS plans to extend the eGS iLottery with an additional module; the eGS iLottery Campaign-Management:

 The new campaign management module will enable Lotteries generating new business and support them by analysing the profitability of campaigns. The campaign module will be fully integrated in the eGS iLottery platform. At the „DiALOG-lotteryfactory Performance“ (on April 28th and 29th at Dresden) the Campaign-Management will be discussed on the basis of current market requirements.

The Campaign-Management will have features like

  • Dynamic and static target group definitions
  • Import and export of qualified customers
  • Fixed and variable periods
  • Client- Broker- and Partner assignment.

The controlling is based on parameters such as registrations, the gaming process, the revenues/ sales or the Friends Advertising. Special incentives can be created through bonus programs, coupons or premiums.

Defining target groups for campaigns will be very flexible. . All target groups can also be used in different contexts and channels such as newsletters, email, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp or letters and postcards.

In addition to the definition of target groups, flexible periods and the controlling and analysis features there will also be a campaign cockpit with

  • statistic reporting
  •  graphs
  •  campaign overviews
  • success rates and
  • costs per registration planned.

The fully integrated iLottery campaign management supports the marketing department of Lotteries for customer acquisition and analysis of the profitability of campaigns.