TQG-PM (Player Management)

The player management module is at the center of the system. Combined with the CRM and player card system it offers a detailed view of each player as they come into contact with the lottery, whether that be via retail or remote connections. When used with our advanced Business Information system it offers a unique insight into player habits and playing patterns.

TQG-SUB (Subscription)

TQG-SUB contains an extensive system for managing player subscriptions. This includes cross-selling promotions, marketing and e-commerce interfaces, as well as a telephone hotline service.

TQG-PC (Player Card)

The Player Card module TQG-PC handles various types of loyalty schemes, such as VIP accounts with bonus services, identification/age control for Responsible Gaming. TQG-PC is fully integrated to the player wallet. TQG-PC works in close integration with the Player Management module to provide both the player and the lottery with a complete overview of all transactions.



TQG-SYN (Syndicates)

TQG-SYN Syndicates can be a popular mechanism to increase a players chances of winning. By working with other players (with whom any winnings are shared), a player can play more frequently or to take part in multiple wagers or systems that would be too expensive if played alone. 

TQG-RG (Responsible Gaming)

TQG-RG provides both the player and the lottery with tools to prevent excessive play, as well as providing an early warning system to guard against problem gambling. A player can self-impose limits over and above those automatically set by the lottery. This module can be configured to support state requirements for age control (as is required in Germany, for example) and player verification.

TQG-GE (Transactions-Engine)

This is the beating heart of any lottery system. TQG-GE is a highly stable, parameter driven transaction engine, which utilizes an open API, allowing the easy integration of third party games and applications. Open APIs also make for simple connections to terminals and back office modules for reporting, accounting, e-commerce, whether they are from TQG or a third-party. TQG-GE can handle even the most intense sessions of lotto mania, coping easily with several thousand transactions per minute.


TQG-Retail is a connection manager that can connect to any number of terminals, from any manufacturer. It is able to accept connections from browser based devices, kiosks, supermarket point of sale devices, etc. The system also supports commercial overlays to provide bill payment services, mobile top-ups or e-wallet loading. The software on remote terminals is remotely updated with the latest client software by TQG-Retail (download server). 

TQG-Portal (Internet Access)

TQG has built a secure, scalable and versatile platform capable of selling all online lottery games. This platform follows your individual design rules for internet, mobile and tablet. We offer an HTML5-based responsive design implementation, which follows your design and is ready to run on any mobile device, automatically detecting the size of the given screen. All age verification and identification methods, as well as payment and messaging services are seamlessly integrated into this platform. We deliver individual apps and services for the IOS, Android and Windows Mobile platforms.

TQG-BI (Business Intelligence/Reporting)

TQG-BI is a web-based reporting tool. It provides all necessary data to lottery staff, as needed, via an interface. TQG-BI can be accessed from different platforms, such as desktop PC, tablet or smartphone, anytime and anywhere, providing the relevant reports needed to manage the overall business. All connected POSs can be accessed, enabling the system to receive all relevant reports.

As a long-term partner of BusinessObjects we deliver ready to go BO universes.

If required, we can also deliver an integrated and sophisticated reporting tool based on Open Source components, which offer a wide range of options and are supported by a large user community. 

TQG-B2B (B2B Services)

The TQG-B2B System allows the fast and secure management of high volume transactions delivered by third party resellers. The transactions can be processed in batches or via a special, secured online interface.

The B2B interfaces connect to commercial resellers and major customers, for example.

TQG-CMS (Content Management System)

The software module TQG-CMS gives the lottery provider the chance to manage and update content comfortably and easily. 

TQG-LCM (Life Cycle Management)

TQG-LCM is a fully integrated process and work-flow management tool that includes the management of internal documents and contracts. It is designed to improve communication and reduce message traffic and inconsistent data. Documents are saved in a well-structured way and use version tracking. 

TQG-EXTRA (Extranet)

TQG-EXTRA provides a means by which retailers, registered players and suppliers can access services and facilities to help them benefit the most from their association with the lottery. Training videos, accounting/invoicing, play reports, requests for inventory, suggestions and so on, can all be made available. TQG-EXTRA provides a real time feedback/communication channel for the lottery, as well as the means to provide fast service and support.

TQG-FIN (Finance / Accounting)

The TQG-FIN allows you to interface with your preferred financial service provider (SAP, for example). All actions referring to financial transactions can be assigned to a given account system with flexible booking codes and connected to the corresponding file exchanges. Files can be created on demand or automatically to support EBICS (SEPA), CSV, DTAUS or even MS-Excel format, if required.

TQG-ITS (Instant Ticket System)

TQG-ITS provides full service management for instant-win scratch cards. The system is secure and provides the necessary portals to allow a seamless integration with suppliers of the instant games. Inventory management, shipping, logistical support and management of each single ticket allows for an accurate, safe, credible and of course profitable product line, with all the necessary data to allow analysis and optimization

TQG-MCS (Marketing Communication System)

With TQG-MCS, the lottery controls advertising messages for the players. All kinds of displays, including jackpot displays, are supported. Information can be disseminated at different points of sale or regions. Moreover, it is possible to customize information. TQG-MCS supports all common formats to enable a distribution of images, videos and other documents.

Advertising text that appears on receipts can also be managed with this tool.

TQG-PS (Payment-Service)

TQG-PS provides integrated payment services, including debits and the automatic processing of return debit notes. The system is designed to be open and provides connectivity for any type of payment provider or aggregator.

TQG-SMS (System Management Services)

TQG-SMS offers a variety of system management and monitoring services. We deliver adapters for IBM's Tivoli, as well as connectors to HP Open View, Nagios or Zabbix that can be embedded into your existing monitoring system or deployed from scratch, to suit your requirements.


TQG-Gateway allows for the development of customized applications or the integration of existing software. However, owing to the use of modern and open technologies, such new developments can also be provided by the lottery’s own engineers or indeed any other third party. TQG-LTS is more than happy to support this.

TQG-eGS (eGamingSuite)

TQG-eGS is a standalone Internet e-commerce platform that is able to sell lottery, sports betting and other gaming products.

TQG-eGS is part of the TQG LotterySuite. It uses the same components that a central lottery system needs, but without the features. The system is designed to comply with the requirements of lotteries and commercial re-sellers and is already being successfully used in both industries. We already provided active interfaces to GTECH, Intralot and SGI systems, as well as providing aggregation technology for multi-jurisdictional sales. By adopting a truly modular approach, customers can select only those modules they need.