TQG-eGS iLottery Social Media TEAMPLAY

The new designed TEAMPLAY is fully integrated into the TQG eGS iLottery platform and will additionally support the lotteries in the fields of customer flexibility, customer satisfaction and customer acquisition in addition. As part of the "DiALOG-lotteryfactory Performance" (on 28th and 29th of April in Dresden), TEAMPLAY will be discussed and defined on the basis of current market requirements and practical examples.

Known are classic models such as syndicate gaming or shared tickets, where the lottery provides a compilation of certain games to their customers, or in which several players share a larger number of tips to increase the winning chance. In both cases, the product and the amount shared are determined by the lottery, not by the customer.

With TEAMPLAY, we go one step further in the direction of flexibility and integration of the player or the customers, also under active use of social media options.

With eGS iLottery TEAMPLAY it will be possible to

  • define an own basket (TEAMTIP) (of all offered different games by the Lottery) individually by the player/customer
  • make a TEAMTIP available to friends or other players
  • share a TEAMTIP with other customers/players
  • even create TEAMTIPS by the lottery itself and share them with the players.

Everything without risk to the lottery due to TEAMTIP being played if all shares are sold to players only.

TEAMTIPS consists for example of

  • the individual TEAMTIP name
  • the starting point of the game, which may be fixed or open
  • an individual game basket
  • the duration of participation
  • the number of shares to be offered (share size/costs) and
  • a deadline when it should start.

TEAMPLAY is played on smartphones, tabletsor desktops via a responsive design surface. You can integrate existing chat programs, and by that, increase the communication and the community.

With TEAMPLAY, the player compiles a basket/TEAMTIP of all available products from the lottery (games) and shares the TEAMTIPS with further customers (players). Customers/players may then purchase shares of the TEAMTIP. If all shares are sold, the TEAMTIP is automatically closed and enabled to play. Profits from the TEAMTIP will automatically be transferred to the respective player accounts in accordance with their shares.

The website functionality of TEAMPLAY for example consists of

  • a TEAMTIP overview for all TEAMTIPS
  • a "create TEAMTIP" functionality
  • a detailed view of each TEAMTIP
  • an overview of sold/ open shares
  • sortings like “open shares” ascending/descending, open balance or the highest possible total jackpot and
  • various filters such as the “type of games”, TEAMTIP name, total jackpot greater than, etc. can be set.

For the players, there are feature available such as

  • creating a TEAMTIP
  • free naming
  • my TEAMTIPS overview
  • shareholder overview or
  • sold shares.

The fully integrated TEAMPLAY will support the lotteries massively in acquiring new winning customers.