TQG iLottery - Web Analytics for optimized gaming offer

Many Lottery websites are really challenging for the player. They require too many clicks and the player is neither guided well nor supported appropriate. The player can only be guided well if his behaviour can statistically be recorded live by available Web Analytic tools and can further be adapted to his respective needs. In this way, processes can be optimized and streamlined and the offer can be optimized for an optimal experience, so the player does not drift to dubious or unregulated website

TQG iLottery - Web Analytics makes it possible.

During DiALOG lottery factory on 28th and 29th of April 2016 in Dresden this will be one of the main topics.

Learn from experts and about the added value that can be created.

Understanding customer behaviour and optimizing the website in such a way is the desire of every lottery. The Benefits of Web Analytics for lotteries are obvious:

In addition to better understanding of the website usage and user behaviour, there will generally be improvements of the:

  • navigation
  • site content and
  • usability and ergonomics.

With proper usage of TQG iLottery - Web Analytics:

  • the lottery optimizes the essential processes
  • improves the marketing and campaign management
  • fits the website design to the behaviour of the player
  • the "website goals" will be achieved safely
  • the Lottery gets closer to the customer and thus receives more customer loyalty and
  • the players feel well in using the website and they see an advantage for them.

TQG iLottery - Web Analytics will really support the Lotteries in customer loyalty and customer acquisition.